Linda & Jonas – bröllop i Pedersöre

Linda & Jonas gifte sig i slutet av April, och det bjöds på riktigt vackert väder! Vi kände av de ljumma vårvindarna, och solen värmde för första gången för året. Vi valde att ta porträtten i lite “vildare” natur, något jag verkligen gillar!
// Linda & Jonas got married in April, and we had some really nice weather that day! We chose to take the portraits in the nature, a bit more “rough” styled.

Joni & Nina – Bröllopsfotografering i Kållby

Nina and Joni got married when the fallcolours were at their best here in Ostrobothnia. At first we had some clouds in the sky, but just an hour later, we got some beautiful sunlight aswell. I photographed their ceremony, and I also stayed a few hours at the venue, and It’s always so fun to take part of the weddingparty as well! I get to know the couples family and friends, and I also get to know the couple a bit more. Thankyou for having me as your photographer! 

Nina & Joni gifte sig i det vackraste höstvädret jag sett här hemma i Österbotten. Vi hade först mulet väder, men sen klarnade det upp och solen visade sig från sin bästa sida – helt magiskt! Jag hängde med paret ettpar timmar in på festen som hölls vid Kållby samlingshus, och det är alltid lika roligt när man får vara med lite längre. Man lär känna familjemedlemmarna lite, och får även lära känna brudparet mera, något jag tycker är jätteroligt! Tack Nina & Joni för att jag fick vara med på ert bröllop!


Amalia & Jonathan – Bröllopsfotografering i Luleå

So, I was superexcited to photograph Amalia & Jonathans wedding, for the first, they seemed like amazing people (Amalia was sister to an groom I photographed last year, and I connected so well with that couple!) and second, I had never been in Luleå before! So i jumped on a ferry to Umeå, and then drove up to Lule, and what an amazing city this is! I loved the architecture around the old, beautiful church where these two were soon about to get married in. September showed us it’s most beautiful weather and the colors are just out of this world in my opinion.. Thank you so much guys for having me! 

Okej, jag var supertaggad för Amalia & Jonathans bröllop, för det första så verkade de som riktigt härliga männiksor (jag fotograferade Amalias brors bröllop 2016, och jag klickade såå bra med dem!) och för det andra, jag hade aldrig varit till Luleå förut! Så jag tog färjan över till umeå, och bilade sedan upp till Lule, och vilken vacker stad det är! Jag älskar verkligen husen runt den gamla kyrkan var dessa två snart skulle gifta sig. Vi hade fantastiskt väder, och hösten hade verkligen anlänt till norra Sverige, med alla vackra, färgglada träd. Tusen tack fina ni, för att ni valde mig som er bröllopsfotograf!

Studentfotograferingar 2018

It’s soon summer, and summer means graduationtimes! You can already book your graduationphotoshoot with me, I photograph them all over Ostrobothnia. 🙂

// Studenttider närmar sig med stormsteg, och det börjar bli dags att boka in din studentfotografering! Ta kontakt genom att maila till för att boka din tid! Bilderna levereras inom några dagar efter fotograferingen. 

Highlights of 2017 – part 1

2017 was an amazing year for both me and Ola. Especially Ola developed a lot during 2017!
He started to videograph weddings more and more, and we did a lot of investments in our video equipment.

Here are some pictures from the highlight of our 2017 – the biggest year for our company so far.
We did our first wedding in Sweden, and for 2018 we have 4 booked weddings in our neighbor country, soo excited for what 2018 have to offer!

JANUARY –         One of my favourite weddingportraits of the year                                                                  Pernilla & Wilhelms engagementsession

FEBRUARY –           Vacation in Koh Chang – Thailand. First picture is an french couple we met on the island.


MARCH/APRIL – April was full of weddings, and I did my first wedding outside of Ostrobothnia, in Pyhäjärvi. 

MAY – May was crazy.  So intensive with a lot of graduationphotoshoots, weddings, and everything else. We photographed our first wedding in Sweden, in Tyresö, Stockholm. I’m so grateful that this is my job! The best job in the world.


To be continued.. 

Anna & Philip – Bröllop i Täby

When we first met Anna and Philip, I knew from the start that they were a perfect match for us. I remember Ola said after the meeting, I really, really hope they want to book us, such an awesome couple!” and 10 minutes later, I got an email from Anna, saying that they would love to book us both. 

A few moths later we finally took a flight to Stockholm, it was time for their big day! Philip picked us up at the airport, and we met the couple in their home, and again we had the same feeling – what an awesome couple, and what an perfect match for us! We looked around the beautiful surroundings at Näsby castle, looking forward to the upcoming wedding.

The day went so fast! It was a cloudy but warm septemberday. The ceremony was one of the most beautiful and emotional ones I’ve seen so far. Näsby Slott did not dissapoint – such an amazing venue! The decorations were spot on, and the dinner was really fun. After the first course, we took some portraits outdoors with the castle in the background, and a little rain didnt bother us! We are so grateful that we had the chance to get to know you, and experience your big day with you!


Hääkuvaus Seinäjoella – Heidi & Juuso

Hääkuvaus Seinäjoella – Heidi & Juuso

Heidi and Juuso got married in the beginning of August, and I was superexcited for their wedding!
Heidi and I know eatchother from when we was little, because we have been doing horseriding at the same stable,
15 years ago. We took the portraits a couple of days before their wedding, and we got some great lightning, thats for sure!
It had been raining heavily all day, so I felt so fortunate to get such a great weather after all.
The ceremony was in Törnävän church, he prettiest church I’ve seen in a long time – but not that easy to photograph in!
After the ceremony we continued to Lapua, also a new location for me. Thanks guys for having me!

DSC_1512s DSC_1526s DSC_6112sDSC_1539s DSC_6164s DSC_6186s DSC_1567sDSC_1600s DSC_1604s DSC_1614sDSC_6744s DSC_6781s DSC_6812s DSC_6841s DSC_6911s DSC_6968s DSC_2087s DSC_2129s DSC_7042s DSC_7114s DSC_7184s DSC_7271s DSC_7434s

Förlovningsfotografering i Jakobstad – Hanna & Joel

Hanna och Joel tog sina förlovningsbilder i Augusti,
efter en kväll med grått och tråkigt väder blev jag överlycklig när vi fick sådan fin solnedgång! 🙂

// Hanna and Joel took their engagementpictures in August, 
and I was so happy when we got such a pretty sunset! 🙂

DSC_2292s DSC_2329s DSC_2374s DSC_7768sDSC_2440sDSC_7789s DSC_7799s DSC_2471s

Bröllopsfotografering i Nykarleby – Cecilia & Vincent

Cecilia och Vincent gifte sig en vacker julidag, i Cecilias hemkyrka Munsala kyrka.
Jag är bekant med Cecilia redan sedan högstadiet, så det var otroligt roligt att få fotografera deras bröllop!
Så himla mycket kärlek 🙂

// Cecilia and Vincent got married in July, in Cecilias homechurch in Munsala.
I know Cecilia from highschool, so it was so much fun to get to photograph their wedding!
So much love 🙂

DSC_0809s DSC_5253s DSC_5304s DSC_0838s DSC_5347S DSC_5431s DSC_5474s DSC_0898s DSC_0908s DSC_5661s

Förlovningsfotografering i Jakobstad – Emilia & Jakob

Detta fina par fotograferade jag i somras kring fäboda i Jakobstad, och vi hade så himla tur med vädret! 🙂 Så himla fina tillsammans!

// I photographed Emilia and Jakobs engagementphotos in Jakobstad a few months ago, and we had such a beautiful weather! Soo pretty together 🙂

DSC_1334s DSC_1415s DSC_1433s DSC_1463s DSC_1480s DSC_5899s