Alison & Rohan – wedding at Finca son mir, Mallorca

Alison & Rohan got married at one of our favourite venues in the world, gorgeous Finca son mir, in Mallorca. We met for the first time the day before the wedding, and we got along from the start. Alison is from Australia, and Rohan from UK, and they met in Mallorca a few years ago. Their wedding was a fun, bohemian, relaxed wedding, and that was a perfect match with us and our vision! Well, you know the wedding is gonna be lots of fun when the seatingboard are a wall of shots.
Thankyou so much for choosing us to capture your big day!

Solange & Matias – Bröllop vid Pavis, Jakobstad

Solange and Matias got married, on a beautiful, sunny day last August. They had their wedding at the gorgeous venue Pavis, at Gamla hamn in Jakobstad, Finland. Such an emotional day, that finished with a gorgeous sunset overlooking the harbour!

Solange och Matias gifte sig en vacker Augustidag i fjol, vid vackra Pavis vid gamla hamn i Jakobstad. En sådan fin och känslosam dag, som avslutades på bästa vis med en otroligt vacker solnedgång!

Zenitha & Hugo – Bröllop i Sundom

Zenita & Hugo got married last fall, together with their friends and family. Such a relaxed, and fun day!

Zenitha & Hugo hade sitt bröllop med deras nära och kära förra hösten, i Sundom, Vasa. En superhärlig och avslappnad dag!

Hanna & Jonathan – Bröllop i Jeppo

Hanna and Jona got married last autumn in Jeppo, the same village where both me and Ola are from. 
Hanna is one year older than me, so we have known eachother since we were kids. Such a special feeling to photograph in our homevillage, and with people we know! Hanna and Jona got married in Jeppo kyrka – the exact same chuch me and Ola got married in the year before. They did a great job to get Jeppo danspaviljong turned into the rustic feeling they wanted for their wedding. Thankyou so much for having us with you on your big day!

Hanna och Jona gifte sig förra hösten i Jeppo, som råkar vara den byn som både jag och Ola är hemma från. Hanna gick en klass över mig, så det var otroligt roligt att få fotografera en bekants bröllop i hemtrakterna! Paret hade bröllopsfesten vid Ytterjeppo danspaviljong, och de hade verkligen gjort ett kanonjobb med dekorationerna för att få till en härlig, lantlig känsla. Tusen tack för att vi fick vara med!

Sannakaisa & Riku – Häät Jukkolamäen naventanvintillä

Sannakaisa and Riku got married last September in Lohtaja, and they had their wedding at Jukkolamäen naventanvintti, such a gorgeous venue, and perfect for their rustic autumnwedding! The couples family had made woolsocks to all the guests (including me aswell! soo cute!), and it was really the best present ever! Everybody took off their heels and just walked around in their woolsocks all evening. So great.

Thankyou so much for choosing me as your weddingphotographer, it was lovely! 

Sofia & Victor – bohemian wedding – Bohemiskt bröllop i Larsmo

Sofia and Victor. 
I have known Sofia a couple of years now, since we used to work together at our old job, and I’m so honored that I got to be their photographer on their big day!
We took their engagementpictures in the deep forests of Esse, in the middle of the winter, so we decided to take some photos in the forest on their wedding aswell!

Both Sofia and Victor are naturelovers. They share lots of interests, and that is one of the things that makes this couple so great together. 
Congratulations to both of you, soon you have been married a year! 🙂 

Sofia och Victor.
Jag lärde känna Sofia för ett par år sen, då vi var arbetskollegor, och jag var så tacksam att de valde oss till att dokumentera deras bröllop!
Jag fotade även deras förlovningsbilder i den djupa Esseskogen, mitt i vintern, och eftersom dessa två har ett stort naturintresse, så valde vi att ta en del av bröllopsbilderna också i skogen! 🙂



Elizaveta & MIkael – Bröllop i Uppsala

Elizaveta and Mikael got married last August in Uppsala, and it was such an emotional day!

Elizaveta och Mikael gifte sig i Augusti ifjol i Uppsala, och det var ett så himla fint och känslosamt bröllop!

Church – Uppsala gamla kyrka
Location – Gamla uppsala kullar
Dress – Morilee by Madeleine Gardner

Elina & Mikko – Häät Liedon vanhalinnassa

Elina and Mikko had their bohemian wedding at the idyllic Vanhalinna, in Lieto, Turku.

I had met Elina a month before their wedding, and I could already then tell, that this couple would be a perfect match for me. Their vision for their wedding, and her relaxed personality made me so excited for their upcoming wedding, and what a wedding it was!  We started by taking their portraits in the surroundings around their venue, and there were so many great spots to take photos at!

After that, we went to Lieto church, to wait for the ceremony. A lovely, emotional ceremony at the tiny stonechurch, and afterwards Mikkos colleagues made a arch with their axes – such a great, and original idea!

After the dinner, we went out for some amazing sunsetphotos on a hill near the Vanhalinna, and then the outdoor party started. Elina and Mikkos gymfriends suprised the newlyweds with a crossfit-challenge, and it was so fun to watch! 

Thankyou so much Elina and Mikko, for having me document your big day, it was a pleasure!